Client: INPI
Production: Saasz

“Vector” is a giant display.
Extended over 47m., 10m high and 4.7m wide, it is made up of 54 modules and 13 different segments, or in other words, 702 illuminated glass sections. Through the use of diagonals, the frame reflects the facade and its oblique bias. Its layout is such that alphanumeric typography can be drawn onto the wall.
In this way, Vector can display all the letters of the alphabet and make every type of content easy-to-read.
In addition to written language, it can also mix the components of letters to create curious abstract signs, different sorts of bright features which come alive and are set free. Set-up for an unlimited period, Vector uses and reclassifies a suggestive graphical register, which has been tried and tested, and is still used today to assert its character and its sustainability. Unlike a stand-alone display, the content that the user wishes to see can be brought to life and shown using a graphical interface. Like a screen saver, the installation can alternate texts and art forms. The words appear, scroll, disappear, explode and constantly redefine their shape making them easier or more difficult to read.
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